Flanders Performance Park

Project Update:

Matching Challenge: A generous family has offered us a challenge: they will donate $10,000 to the Flanders Park Fund if others will give $10,000 or more. Your gift will be doubled -- but we have to earn the match. Every dollar contributed starting November 26th through Red Basket will be matched dollar-for-dollar once we have raised at least $10,000.

Total amount as of 11.26.16 is $10,170. This amount includes online, check and event donations. Matching donation started at $9,020.

Discover what's in the works for Flanders Park

With your support, in 2017 Flanders Park will be transformed into an inviting outdoor performance area including numerous enhancements to the existing park.

The designs are being finalized to include a spectacular performance bandshell with terraced hillside amphitheater seating. Professional landscaping in the park will include a rain garden to help with drainage from the bandshell and amphitheater, a stone plaza between the seating and bandshell, tree plantings, gateway structures, and more. In addition, if sufficient funding can be secured, the Waterfront Walkway will be extended along Raquette Pond and up to the Cliff Avenue connection.

Architectural renderings of the performance bandshell for Flanders Park (Andrew Chary design).

Our vision for this new performance park covers a broad range of events. It will be a place for concerts featuring live musicians and bands, as well as theatrical performances such as "Shakespeare in the Park." In addition, it will play host to a variety of events, entertainment acts, educational workshops, and farmers' markets -- all set to the backdrop of the one of most beautiful sunset vistas in the Adirondacks. The next phase of this project will be to create a sustainable plan for this park use.

Help us connect with our goal!

Funding for the Park is coming together, but we still need your help. Here is our latest update:

  • New York State Department of State Local Waterfront Revitalization Program has pledged grant funds to help with the park enhancements.
  • Contractors, design professionals and others have generously donated their services.
  • The Tupper Lake Lions Club has hosted fundraising events and has pledged to donate their services to help with crowd funding & bandshell construction.
  • At this time, the committee is seeking an additional $85,000 to complete the project.

Please consider joining the Community of Tupper Lake and the Tupper Lake Lions Club in an effort to support this project. Your donation to the Flanders Performance Park Fund will help us reach our goal of creating a lively & inviting asset that enhances our local waterfront.

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Prefer to donate by check?

Donations by check can be made out to:

Red Basket
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Omaha, NE 68102-2007

Mark the note of the check as Tupper Lake Bandshell. When the check is received, Red Basked will mail a tax receipt to the address on the check.

Fundraising Update:

Total amount as of 11.26.16 is $10,020.

* This amount includes online, check and event donations.

Fundraising Events

In the upcoming weeks, a variety of groups have stepped up to the plate to host events that will help fundraise for Flanders Performance Park. These events include:

Please, check back as more events are being discussed daily.

Updated Flanders Performance Park renderings courtesy of Terrain-NYC Landscape Architecture PC.Updated Flanders Performance Park renderings courtesy of Terrain-NYC Landscape Architecture PC.

Waterfront Park Master Plan:

Flanders Performance Park is one phase in the multi-year implementation of Tupper Lake's Waterfront Park Master Plan. This project has been generously supported through the New York State Department of State Local Waterfront Revitalization Program. Every dollar donated during this capital raising campaign will potentially help to leverage an additional dollar in grant funding for future park improvement.

To view the entire Master Plan and learn more about how Flanders Performance Park fits into the larger picture, please visit the link below.

Waterfront Park Master Plan

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