Cranberry Lake Waterfall Tour


I can’t think of a more exciting and interesting tour in the Cranberry Lake Region than the Waterfall Tour located along Tooley Pond Road. Well, there’s the Cranberry Lake 50, but that’s on a totally different scale.

The waterfall Tour is a self-guided adventure where six very distinct waterfalls can be visited and hiked to in one day. The waterfalls on Tooley Pond Road flow in this order, south to north; Copper Rock, Rainbow, Twin, Sinclair, Basford, and Lampsons. With that list there are also other opportunities to take in some hidden cascades, if you feel adventurous enough. The Grass River is the home to all of these waterfalls as well as a go to destination for whitewater paddlers.

The waterfall Tour also has a unique quality about it that makes it a year-round destination for hikers and snowshoers alike. Outstanding picnic areas near all the falls, fishing opportunities up and downstream, as well as a photographers dream all exist along the Grass River in St. Lawrence County. 

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