October 24, 2014

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We invite you to BELONG!
Why belong to the Tupper Lake Chamber of Commerce?
The Tupper Lake Chamber of Commerce is the voice of the local business community.  We work with the Village and Town of Tupper Lake to address critical issues facing our region and work to create an environment that supports and promotes our local economy.  Although our primary mission is to support businesses and the local economy, our efforts produce results that benefit the entire community. We strongly encourage anyone who has an interest in a strong and vibrant economy for Tupper Lake to support the Chamber of Commerce.

Tupper-Lake.com Website and Business Marketing Tool
The Chamber created a state-of-the art website for Tupper Lake.  This site provides a professional and welcoming starting point for the world to learn about all-things Tupper Lake and our region.  Chamber Members receive enhanced business directory listings, which include the ability to add unlimited photos, videos and maps to your business location. We invite you to visit the site at http://tupperlake.com.  Our webpage is receiving approximately 800 hits a day.   The Chamber also maintains a Facebook page which promotes local businesses & events in Tupper Lake.  We currently have 2,600 fans.

Tupper Lake Events Calendar
The Chamber has created a central events calendar for all good things happening in Tupper lake at http://tupperlake.com/event-calendar.   This events calendar is a great way for members to promote local events.

Toughman Tinman Triathlon
The Chamber sponsors and produces the annual Toughman Tinman Triathlon in Tupper Lake every June. This two-day event draws thousands of people from around the U.S. and Canada and directly supports local businesses. It puts Tupper Lake on the map for serious athletes.  In 2011, over 800 athletes along with their families visited Tupper Lake for this event, filling local motels & restaurants, pumping tens of thousands of dollars into the local economy.

Partnerships with the North Country Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber has developed a network of alliances with regional chambers to provide additional benefits to our members.  These benefits include group insurance rates for members, and special energy rates through the North Country Energy Alliance.

Other Chamber Member Incentives:
We invite chamber members to bring pamphlets, menus, business cards, etc. to the chamber office.  We will distribute this information to tourist when they are looking for it.

In 2014 we sponsored the following events:
*Tinman Triathlon
*The Great American Garage Sale
*A Walk Through the Woods at John Dillon Park
*OkTUPPERfest at Big Tupper
*Holiday Window Decorating Contest
*Park Street Trick or Treating
*Christmas Craft Fair at The Big Tupper Ski Lodge
*Snowball Gala with ARISE

For 2014 we are working on the following new initiatives:
*Partnering with ARISE to operate the Big Tupper Ski Area to create more opportunities for chamber businesses with our ‘Stay & Ski’ promotion.
*Partnering with the snowmobile club to attract more snowmobilers to Tupper Lake.
*Partnering with the cross-country ski volunteers to promote our local cross-country ski trails and bring more tourist here during the winter months.
*Sponsored the Fire & Ice Golf Tournament
*Tupperpalooza ~ New Chamber event – Date to be announced
* “Tupper Lake’s Got Talent” ~ New Chamber Event in March with TLHS

Tupper Lake Chamber of Commerce
2013-2014 Membership & Partnership Levels

Click here to download our membership application.

Business Membership: 1-10 Employees
Businesses with 10 or fewer employees
Business Membership: 11-15 Employees
Businesses with 11-15 employees
Business Membership: 16-24 Employees
Businesses with 16-24 employees
Business Membership: 25 + Employees
Businesses with 25 or more employees
Year-Round Lodging Membership
Membership for year-round hotel/motel businesses
Bank/Credit Union Membership
Chamber membership for local banks & credit unions.
Civic Membership (Service & Fraternal Organizations)
Chamber membership for local service organizations.
Educational Institution Membership
Chamber membership for local educational organizations.
Friend of the Chamber
Chamber membership for individuals supporting a strong economic future for Tupper Lake.
Hospital or Healthcare Facility Membership
Chamber membership for local healthcare institutions.
Premium Membership
The top tier Chamber Membership.  Includes front page ad space on tupperlake.com
Public Utility Membership
Chamber membership for local utilities.
Additional Website Category Listing
Each membership offers posting in one website directory category.  Additional categories may be added with this additional fee.



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